ReVox B77 MKII green/black edition limited...
unique opportunity by techtrader vintage hifi & more...

ReVox B77 MKII 2-track green/black edition taperecorder...

limited edition no. 13 / 100

NAB equalization

 brandnew 2-track heads...

the machine works with 100V, 120V, 140V, 200V, 220V, 240V

50Hz / 60Hz

up for sale a very special & unique opportunity

highspeed version 7 1/2 & 15 speed 

complete disassembled
complete cleaned
caps changed
trimmer changed
relais changed
new aligned to SM911

special 3D design housing by techtrader vintage hifi & more...
available with small round feets, long feets, small black spikes or big black spikes

new production by techtrader vintage hifi & more...
- special poison green frontpanel
- new sideapanels milled of one piece of aluminium
- brandnew headcover
- brandnew head surround
- brandnew pinchroller (Athan, USA)

- special black knobs
- reel plates new restored
- new spinning motor bearings

the machine comes with:

2 new black or silver reels with black box
2 new NAB adapter with special black hubs
1 brandnew SM911 tape (on one of the reels)
new XLR - RCA or XLR - XLR connection cables
1 friendly tapecutter
head & pinchroller cleaner
1 ReVox B77 MKII green/black edition manual printed & bound
1 powercord Europe or USA

get this unique opportunity for your collection

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we have professional packaging service

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